“Space” – A Space of being Yourself in yourself

Hey guys, This is my first write -up, Which I want to share with you and hope you might like it. This post is all about the random thoughts of mind which are at present going through in my mind.

“Sitting at one place and observing things & people around, is something always been pleasant experience for me.” The reason for this, may be, It gives me distraction for a while from other thoughts which leads me no where but it only gives feeling of Load and suffering.

Though I always enjoy the “Silence” in which I am right now. This silence becomes far better than those hundred thoughts which bother you unnecessary, and those thoughts have nothing to do with your life. Just it creates a negative aura around you.

I know, How I feel happy even when, no one is by my-side. Somewhere, something is there inside me too. because of that most of the time I wish to feel life alone, from my eyes from my prospective and from my views. I hope some of you also feels the same way.

Perhaps, It is known as word called “Space” – A Space of being Yourself in yourself and for yourself.

Hmm, So while writing your own thinking or giving words to your unknowing thoughts, you Should get the place & environment, Where you can have feel good factor. Trust me, you really enjoy that moment of being with yourself.

Like I am feeling at this moment, The open corridor of #Dwarka, Roaming Buddies around, Teenage girls clicking selfie, Some sweet teen couples and the best thing is soothing music in back ground, with hot coffee or tea it would be the great combination.

Among all those things, my eye got stuck to see Three Buddies, two girls and a boy enjoying the birthday celebration of their friend, I can see the power of girls Lol, they have done good makeover of their friend with whole cake. This moment has splashed smile, laughter & smile on their faces. it reminded me my childhood. They all are so happy with each other. And within 15-20 mins this moment of cherish, Laughter & smile has become a moment of ‘Nostalgic’.

That’s how life is, passing on time to time. Chain of moments, Like everyone is tiding a string of pearls. It is a Necklace of Time threaded together Which makes Beautiful life. Life of Sounds, Life of beautiful views, life of Nature, life of everything from the earth to the sky.

This creation is Magical and Wonderful however this is how we come to know sometime Yes, the creation of Almighty is Amazingly wonderful. At a glance of observing my own thoughts and putting those on the blog post. I’ve realized it again with this small event of teenager that How beautiful is life, you can find your own smile when you see other people smiling.

I am thankful for this blog writing, it kept me away from thinking of unwanted thoughts for a while and made me feel. “Life is Wonderful and I am blessed.” This moment is special which is going to become “it Was”. I am happy that I somehow captured it in my own way. So make your every moment lovable, enjoy the little things, Love yourself. “

Arti – a_brightensoul

#Love #GiveTimeToYourself #HashtagDwarka #Life #Loveyourself #Thought #Selflove

Author: Arti- a_brighten soul

Dear Readers Welcome to my blog. I am starting a new Journey towards blogging. Hope for the best. I Love to read Urdu Shayari/poetry, I also have a keen interest in writing poetry and often take part in open mics and shares poems written by me. I believe in a healthy lifestyle and I'm a yoga lover, I am also a nature admirer and loves travelling. I am a certified coach of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) by profession I am an independent Educational counsellor and Entrepreneur.

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